I feel that after the mind-blowing content of my last post, I should share with you a wonderful song which compliments to the letter the awesome pictures and message you heard in that post.  I was emailing someone this morning trying to encourage them to continue investing their time in something that has brought much blessing upon my life and without a doubt, the lives of many others.  I said to this person something along the lines of  “it is often the things that we put off doing, the ones that God wants us to do most, the ones that require the most faith and will cause Him most delight, and by contrast the things that we find time to do or insist on doing, tend to be the ones that will probably amount to dust in God’s eyes.”

As I pushed the “Send” button I felt convicted by the Holy Spirit and in my heart I knew God was saying: “You should apply your own advice a bit more often”.  I felt convicted because it has been a few days since I last worshipped God in truth and spirit, and so I put my lap-top to the side, stood in the middle of the room, closed my eyes and by listening to the song in the video below, I was able to readjust my priorities; I was able to re-assess my own importance in relation to God and His plans; I was able to focus all my attention on His Majesty and Glory and in that way, humbly step down from the momentary throne of “being holier than thou” that I had put myself on when feeling smug about the advice I had just given to that friend.

Why do we make up any excuse going, to dissuade ourselves from spending time worshiping, praying, honouring God for all the blessings He has lavished upon us and for His unending grace towards us? It is simple: because when we do, we step into that spiritual dimension in us which with the flick of a switch transports us into the presence of the most Holy and Awesome God.  It is a scary place and a very humbling one at that.  As His glory is revealed, so are our flaws and darker side; as He increases so we decrease.  And who likes to feel THAT small, inadequate and unworthy?  I certainly don’t, but I surely know that it is only from that place of humility and discipline, that anything I will ever achieve for His kingdom will be worthy of a child of His; will produce any fruit worth keeping and rejoicing over.  If I operate in the world under the name of Jesus Christ, but do not spend enough time in communion with the One who guides my every step, it is a matter of time before I will start affecting the lives of others in my own strength and failing to display those qualities that should be the identifying marks of any Christian. 

Please listen to this song, close your eyes, and as you do, meditate on the pictures you saw in my last post and how we fit in in such a glorious and magnificent reality.  Let God soften your heart and bring you to a place of utter admiration for the One who brought it ALL into existence; let Him point out those things that are wrong in you and need re-adjusting.  Let God be God!  You can’t have your cake and eat it.  You can’t serve the Creator of the Universe, and at the same time harvest hatred for your brother.  You can’t be a partaker in God’s perfect plans, and at the same time foolishly follow your own wishes and insist on having your way in all things.  You can’t aim for Perfection, if at the same time you are always satisfied with being the second best that you can be!  You can’t hope for gold and precious stones, if you are content to always give God and “your neighbour” rusty metal.

This song is called “Beautiful Saviour and it is by Planetshakers, which is kind of appropriate when you think about the photos I showed on the last post.  May God speak to you in wonderful ways through it!  And when He does, do not be frightened, do not run away.  All good things come to those who wait and no extraordinary thing ever came EASILY.



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  1. Haven’t watched the video yet, but will after this post. Though I do not associate myself with any religion, I do know there is God. In all religions, there remains the essential law of love for others. Thank you for helping to spread that word. Thanks, Jim

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