There is a series of 5 utube videos which are unlike anything you have ever seen before.  I have inserted them all at the bottom of my post, but hope you can bear with me, as I try to give you a frame for the content of these gems.  Each video is the continuation of the previous one, so do watch them in the order they appear.

Do you feel choked? Do you feel pressed from every corner?  Do you feel like someone is coming after you but there is nowhere to hide?  Do you feel all the doom and gloom is starting to strangle the life out of you?  Well, I certainly feel like that some times, when I look at the world spinning out of control all around me, or is it?  Evil is rampant in our world. Innocent people get killed everyday.  Millions die of hunger and disease everyday.  Millions are abused and mistreated everyday.  Man’s greed has finally turned against him.  Jobs and financial security are banishing all over the place and worse still, all of this is having a dramatic impact on the general public whose morale and lack of hope are falling down a spiral of despair and terror.

For centuries, we have looked at ways to overcome all these problems which have existed from the beginning of time, and yet generation after generation humankind keep falling in the same traps and making the same mistakes.  We try to save the planet, we try to save ourselves.  The truth is WE CAN’T.  We have proved to ourselves that we are unable to do anything good consistently, because the evil tendencies in us more often than not, overrule what the other better half is doing in us, through us.  Is it any wonder things are the way they are, when the majority of us have put God on the shelf, because we are too busy living or should I say dying?  It all depends on how you look at it.

It seems most of us have forgotten that there is a name, a name above all names, the name of JESUS: the world’s only hope of Salvation, Restoration and Redemption.  The only way to overcome and to avoid self-destruction is through the hope we have in Jesus: the way, the truth and the life.

I don’t know about you, but I am sick of the intoxicating air my lungs have been breathing in these last few weeks with the amount of negativity, pessimism and sheer despair that reigns in our communities at the moment.  I am not talking about those people who have nothing. I am not talking about people who are contemplating suicide, because they just don’t know how to face another day in this very turbulent planet.  And I am certainly not talking about the thousands of Christians being persecuted and often murdered for being the light and the salt in this very, very decaying world.   I am talking about you and me, who have so much already, and yet we still moan and groan and pray to God for more blessing and favour upon our lives.  We bow down to pray, but we still have the audacity to bombard Him with our own agendas and requests, instead of remaining silent and breathing in His spirit, so that we can find out what is on His heart, how to best SERVE HIM.

Last night our house group which meets every Monday to offer each other friendship, support and prayer, and to attempt to discover together what is in God’s heart, experienced one of those one-off moments in life, when you suddenly get a glimpse of God’s power and awesomeness; one of those moments when all worries and anxieties of the day are beautifully taken away as we take stock of who we are in relation to God’s staggering and breath-taking creation; a moment when we all simultaneously become stuck for words and are humbled to our knees by the sheer magnitude of what is out there, and the sheer mystery of a God whose power is unfathomable and yet would become one of us microscopic earthlings in order to restore his relationship with the ones He created in His own image.  Everything in the universe is wrapped up in incomprehensible and infinite beauty, the intricate and perfectly balanced creation is testimony to a Supreme Being whose existence is so beyond our small intellect and understanding.


But despite all that, there are still many out there who deny God’s existence.  Human arrogance and pride is so blinding, one can persuade himself and others that they are indeed the center of the universe.  Never mind about the millions of stars in the heavens that give tribute to the King of Kings, “It is my life, my money, my freedom and I do with it all what I want”, many say, as they forget whose they are and the grace upon which they are able to prevail and without which, they would be blasted into nothingness quicker than you can say “EGO”.  It is such a ridiculous frame of mind, one feels tempted to laugh, if it wasn’t for the fact that in reality, it is anything but funny.


































1 Corinthians 2, 9







May I please, please encourage you to watch the videos below which our house group and I watched last night.  Without a shadow of a doubt, this is one of the best things I have ever watched. 


Father God, I pray that you will bless all the readers of this blog who yet don’t know you, with enough humility to contemplate the thought that you do indeed exist, and are in absolute and perfect control of the mammoth universe that YOU created, and yet in your love and splendour, became one of us to erase our sin and open the door in our lives that will lead to sharing with YOU in that Magnificence, that Splendour, that Glory and Utter Mystery.


Be blessed and be bowled over by how much Mighty God cares for minuscule us. 


Be amazed by 














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  1. IS AMAZING! I have no enough words now to comment here what I just saw. I will tink about this videos and return.
    thank you,

  2. There is a page “Trails to Jesus” on Shalom – a Peace Journal, where I recommend posts from others sources, to be read on the original weblogs. Here:
    I recommended there this post, by copying your first paragraph and put a link to be entirely read here, on your blog. Do you agree with that? If don’t. please tell me and I will delete it.
    Many people need this sermon!

    I would also like to use the videos you posted here, maybe on the late december, on a romanian blog. And will mention the source – your post, with a link to it. Please honestly tell me if this is ok with you. May I? I don’t do that if you don’t like.
    Thank you for sending me the link to read it.
    And also thank you if you agree 🙂

  3. Amazing post!
    I agree. We ourselves are to blame. We have become so mechanical in today’s world that for us, the heart has become a vestigial organ.
    I believe God is everywhere and why look on the outside, when we know that our heart that beats holds him up inside…

  4. Thank you jlholiday. It is funny you should say that, because last night we watched his dvd about laminin. Another jewel, and probably material for one of my next posts.

    Thanks again and God bless you


  5. Fantastic! I saw him speak at a Chris Tomlin concert in Austin, TX. It is so wonderful to see this again! I plan to show my two sons (ages 11 and 9). Thanks for posting.

    God Bless,

  6. Wow. That’s something I think everyone needs to hear no matter where they are on their spiritual journey. It really helps put things into perspective for me too. I rarely think of the universe beyond this Earth, but God created it all and we are so small compared to Him, yet so loved – more than we will ever know.

    “What may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.” Rom 1:19-20

    Loved the post and speaker! God Bless,

  7. That’s absolutely incredible! I love it! I’m speechless. I don’t know what to say except that I’m so very thankful to be reminded of how small I am, and just how big our God truly is. That last image was absolutely amazing, I mean, I just can’t get over it! I’ve been literally moved to tears. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  8. It is the simple truth that God first placed man in a garden, the world was beyond that garden, how vast a world it would have seemed to Adam and Eve as even the universe seems to us. This all bespeaks of another age yet to come.

  9. that is an awesome post and awesome star pictures! i do love the message that louis giglio shares! this is our hope! i love 1 cor 2:9-10 – eye has not seen etc – and i always get real excited by the BUT in that verse – eye has not seen, ear not heard, heart not comprehend BUT God HAS revealed that to us through his Spirit who lives in us! we can know hope and love and grace through Jesus and now we see why even clearer – as God who created all those stars and the univese, knows my name and sees me and cares for me! that is good news! blessings, fireball ps really been enjoying your blog – have read a few things this morning! keep on serving God and cmmunicating his grace :o)

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