The man that had an up close and personal encounter with God and Heaven

Last night during our house group session, which we hold at our house every Monday evening, we watched a DVD in which a man called Ian McCormack gives his testimony of dying and being raised back to life some time later, after having been stung numerous times by a box jelly fish whilst diving in Mauritius.  This experience took place in 1982, but Ian has since dedicated his life to travelling round the world sharing what he saw and heard during the time when he was declared clinically dead by the doctors treating him that day. For a detailed written account and detailed schedule of his visits sharing his testimony all round the world, go to Ian’s website on

There are many testimonies of people who have gone through similar experiences, but the first thing that is striking about this one is how detailed the account of what he saw is, and how faithful his depiction of God is to the picture we are given by various testimonies time and time again in the bible.  By his own account, before that day, Ian could not have been more distant from God if he had tried, and had never opened up a bible, so in his mind there was no knowledge of scripture or of the different accounts of the prophets and apostles about God appearing to them that we find in the Bible.

Secondly, what moved me and made this particular testimony stand out from the rest, is how this man cannot go on talking for more than a few seconds before breaking into prayer.  Often when we hear a pastor, a teacher or an evangelist giving a talk or preaching a sermon, there is an obvious sense of the pressures caused by time constraints and an element of control over the content of what is being said and how it is said.  Despite man’s efforts, more often than not the flesh prevails over the spirit and whilst many stand on pulpits, it is only those few who cherish their time in God’s presence behind closed doors, who are used mightily and solely for God’s purpose in the public arena; whose ministry will leave a lasting impression and will line up perfectly with God’s will for their life and the lives of those they touch.  Ian seems utterly moved and led by the Spirit as he delivers his message, and remarkably, although his life-transforming experience happened such a long time ago, as he speaks, you can feel his prevalent attitude of worship and sheer humility before an unfathomable God who forgives and loves unconditionally, no matter what has gone on before in one’s life.  That experience has undeniably had a tremendous impact upon Ian’s heart and soul, and although he came back to life on this earth, he still remains very much in God’s presence at every passing moment, as a result of what he went through that day.

I would invite you to watch the video on the link below and be encouraged by the wonders that await those who love God and who are persevering in their faith against all odds, stumbling blocks and temptations.  If you don’t believe, like Ian once didn’t, I urge you to ponder on this thought: As you are gambling with every choice you make in life, do you ever stop to think whether you are placing your bet on the wrong horse?  Will you wait til the race is finished to find out?

Your comments after watching this video would be most welcome!


11 (57 kb)


I leave you with the wonderful verses in the Book of Revelation which describe the moment Jesus appears to the apostle John:

I turned round to see the voice that was speaking to me.  And when I turned I saw seven golden lampstands, and among the lampstands was someone like a son of man, dressed in a robe reaching down to his feet and with a golden sash round his chest.  His head and hair were white like wool, as white as snow, and his eyes were like blazing fire.  His feet were like bronze glowing in a furnace, and his voice was like the sound of rushing waters.  In his right hand he held seven stars, and out of his mouth came a sharp double-edged sword.  His face was like the sun shining in all its brilliance.

Revelation 1, 12-16


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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog.

    I must comment on you post…I can honestly stand and say with all sincerity, that an encounter with God is life changing, heart changing , and motivating to tell others about HIM. Praise God! HE is not silent, sometimes we are just not listening. When an event lines up with scripture, and that person had no knowlege of the scripture…that is undeniably GOD…and HE does work that way…thank you for this very awesome post and link. HE is sooo real…


    June 1999

    My father was an abusive alcoholic, who was out of town 4-5 nights a week. He used to just beat the tar out of me, so much so that my mom would have to “pull him off” of me. I was second in the birth order with 4 sisters and my brother came along when I was 13.

    He (my dad) used to take me to his girl friend’s (secretary’s) house and I would have to wait out in the car. I can still see her standing on the steps with that blond hair up in a bun and that yellow dress on, holding the screen door open for my dad.

    When I turned 13 we had “the talk”. My dad told me that if I ever had the chance to “get” a girl, I should do it, that I may be able to get that same girl later but that would just be one more “piece”.

    When I turned 17 I joined the US Navy.

    As dad got older he “mellowed”. When I would go home to visit I would see pictures of him at family functions or church functions etc. From the pics he looked like a pretty good guy. My siblings, their spouses & grandkids would always tell me how he has changed. But I just knew the man I knew, not the man my dad eventually became.

    Now, fast forward to 9yrs ago. I got a call that said my dad was near death, that I had better come. It was a little over a 600 mile drive and during that drive I just kept asking the Lord to give me one more audience with my dad so I could speak to him about his relationship with the Savior. I told the Lord that I never got to spend any time with my dad as I was growing up, too let me speak to him about his salvation so we could be together in eternity.

    Dad was in the hospital with IVs in each arm, oxygen in his nose, a catheter and a bunch of other wires coming from under his gown. You could just sense the spirit of death in the room. Dad had had a lung removed years before and the lung he had left had emphysema.

    The next night it was my turn to stay with dad. Around 10pm I felt a “prompting” to stand at the foot of my dad’s bed and pray over him in the Spirit. After about 30mts I had another Impression. “Where’s the praise? You never praise Me.” I spoke back to that “Impression”, forgive me Lord, I will praise You for everything you bring to my mind now. The first thing out of my mouth was “I thank You, O Lord, for divinely placing me in this family in the birth order which You placed me.” I don’t recall all I prayed after that but after about 30mts more it was like a light switch was switched in the room and the spirit of death was broken. My dad’s eyes fluttered open and he says “Hi son” (small grin on his face). Hey dad, are you thirsty, (put the straw in his mouth). How about some cantaloupe? Yeh. I went to the frig in his room and got the cantaloupe that the family had brought. Since dad didn’t have any teeth the cantaloupe was soft enough and he enjoyed it. He had been pretty much “out of it” for the previous two days and hadn’t eaten a thing.

    My devoutly Catholic mom comes in the next morning. I related the nights experiences to her and asked her; “He looks better, huh?” Well, I guess the medication is finally working, she replied. I thought after over a week, you’re giving the medication credit?!

    So then the doctors role around and mom and the docs call me out into the hallway and basically say, looks like your dad is going to make it you might as well head on home.

    But at this point I am still intimidated by my dad…even on his death-bed. Finally, I sat on the edge of his bed ( alone with him) and took his hand and said, “Dad, I just can’t leave without knowing if you’ve made a commitment to Jesus or not.” He squeezed my hand so hard that it hurt just a bit and says to me “Son I made that commitment long ago”.

    As soon as he said that another “voice” spoke to me. “You see how your dad lived his life, there’s no way you will ever see him in heaven.” Immediately my response was, “The Bible says that the spirit never dies. All the way home me and the “voice” are arguing about my dad’s eternal home. I just kept saying “the spirit never dies”

    After being home a couple of days my wife asks me to take some clothing up to the Goodwill drop sight. Now, mind you, I am still “arguing” with that “voice”. So I get to the Goodwill and ask the old lady where the clothes go. In the back she replied. As I was going by her desk I noticed she had a red-letter edition bible open to the book of Matthew. I ask her what she is reading and she says she is reading the Good Book. I can see that but what are you studying I asked her. Me and a couple of other ladies have a ministry where we cast out demon spirits she says. So here’s my chance to unload, I thought. I say to her, let me tell you about my week last week. Well, let me tell you something, she says. I had a really difficult week let me tell you about it I insisted. She says very calmly “The Lord wants me to tell you something right now.” I said “Sister, I don’t want to get in the way of that, what is it?” She says, “The Lord wants me to tell you that the spirit never dies.” OMG, my knees buckled and I just started weeping!

    We chatted a bit longer and I found out that that was her first day working for Goodwill. I looked for her the next day but she wasn’t there…and hasn’t been back since.

    The Bible says to be careful because we never know when we may be entertaining angels. For a complete stranger to speak verbatim what I had been “arguing” with the enemy about for nearly a week is no coincidence.

    I believe that the Lord sent one of His angels to comfort me in my hour of need.

    I know what I know. I know the experiences I have had and that cannot be diminished.


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